National Mentor Development Program

Women and gender diverse individuals who are certified journeypersons and have been in their trade for several years may apply. Ideal candidates will have previous experience as a mentor in the trades either formally or informally. We recognize the distinct barriers faced by women and gender-diverse people from multiply-marginalized backgrounds in accessing this type of training. Those from diverse backgrounds (who are newcomers, identify as 2SLGBTQQIA+, have a disability, or who are Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour) are especially encouraged to apply. This is a paid position.

Application Form for Mentor Development Coaches

Applications are now open!  Submit before March 1st, 2024.  The first cohort will begin May 2024.

There are 5 modules that will take place throughout the program.

  • Mentorship vision: Setting the course
  • Crafting Connection: Building Strong Mentorships
  • Navigating Dialogue: Effective Mentorship Communication
  • Wellness and Work: Fostering a Supportive Environment
  • Passing the Torch: Knowledge, Careers and Celebrations

Every coach who completes the mandatory requirements will receive $4,000, dispensed in monthly payments over the course of the program. Mandatory requirements include:

  • Participating in virtual discussions
  • Responding to participants in the Discussion Forum
  • Checking in with each mentee through email, phone, or virtual chat at least once per week
  • Being available to answer mentee questions and provide guidance if issues arise and mentees require assistance

Applications will be reviewed by the Office to Advance Women Apprentices and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium. Those accepted into the coaching role will be emailed by March 22, 2024.

Those interested in applying to be a coach in the National Mentor Development Program are asked to provide the following information:

"*" indicates required fields

I identify as a woman or as a gender diverse individual:*
I have direct experience working on the tools in a skilled trade:*
I am in the following industry:*

I am currently a journeyperson with a Certificate of Qualification:*
I have previous experience as a mentor, either formally or informally, within the skilled trades:*
I am committed to coaching the participants throughout the four-month program. I realize the program involves five modules of content and that I am required to participate in discussions and respond to discussion posts, along with checking in weekly with my 4-5 mentees:*
I am aware that the program starts in May 2024 and that to accommodate different time zones virtual discussions will be held on Sundays:*